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dahlia nomadic restaurant chef matthew berry chef lauren foster berry new hampshire fine d

our story

Both originating in Southern New Hampshire, chef owners matt and lauren berry create a dynamic chef & pastry chef duo. having met in the restaurant industry, their respect and appreciation for seasonal inspired food connected them, and soon they were married and expecting.

matt and lauren share a different aspect for food; thinking outside of the box was always a very instinctive way of cooking for both of them. it was only natural that it was applied to their nomadic restaurant concept. it is imperative to them to use it gratefully and respectfully. In hopes to share seasonal new england cuisine with a norse-nomad inspired approach mixed into a tastefully presented multi-course tasting menu.

Dahlia Otis-28.jpg

When they opened their (theoretical) doors in September of 2020, the entire world was mid-pandemic. The restaurant scene had come to a crippling halt and was hurting. However, they seemingly built something new that was so well received. This new concept proved to themselves that, even by marching to the beat of their own drums, they could build something beautiful.

they are bringing their collective ideals to life with this vision named after their daughter.

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